Thursday, May 5, 2011

Summer 2011

Wow, sorry it's been such a while since we updated this! Things have been very busy, with the Thunder..

Last week, we recorded a song for our new album. We recorded with the magnificent Kevin Gutierrez, over at Assembly Line. We totally recommend them; very professional, and we think you'll agree that the product turned out great! ..when it's out, that is! We're not sure when we'll have the next album finished, but we'll be sure to give you updates. This will be the 1st CD we've come out with that has been recorded digitally (with a producer, no less!), and we're really looking forward to it's release.

Recording will continue throughout the summer, which is why we've got so few live dates.

Tomorrow, we're playing at the Bourbon Street Ballroom. We'll be going on at 10:00PM, and next door, Celldweller, and our friends, Machines of Living Death will be playing as well. So come check us all out, and we'll be sure to give you a good time! Nina has even promised hugs to all of ASoT's Facebook fans.

In June, we'll be rocking out with Loudness. They're on a US tour, and we're directly supporting them at Jaxx! Doors open at 7:00 PM, but we'll be on around 10. There are 4 openers; The Maiden Project, Dirty Passion, War Machine, and Seelow Heights. This is actually gonna be a pretty big tour for Loudness, who's entire band is made up of their original members, with the exception of Munetaka Higuchi, their drummer, who passed away in 2008. Their line-up is now: Minoru Niihara on vocals, Akira Takasaki on guitar, Masayoshi Yamashita on bass, and Masayuki Suzuki on drums. If you can't make the show in Springfield on June 3rd (which will make us sad), check out their other dates! Again, pretty big tour, and very impressive!

In July, we continue writing, recording and practicing. Then, we'll be taking a trip to Chicago for a pretty big show! Dame-Nation is another female fronted metal festival, much like Flight of the Valkyries. Dame-Nation, however, is in Chicago, so this will be the farthest we'll have travelled for a show to date! Dame-Nation is currently getting some pretty big press, as you can see from this article in HELL HATH NO FURY: DAME-NATION FEST VS. THE HOTTEST CHICKS IN HARD ROCK TOUR. We're pretty darned excited to be taking part in a show so far out of the DC area, and we hope the Chicago folks will enjoy us. Plus! We will be sharing some of our merchandise space with a good friend of ours, Jason Pike. Jason is a local artist who runs Lad Named Felix. He makes a lot of the goggles and jewelry you see Nina wearing on stage. He'll be selling some of his wares at the show, so if you're a fan of gorgeous jewelry, make sure to stop on by! And buy a CD, while you're at it!

Waaaay off in the distance, we're also booked to play with the Project Independent 2011 tour. We played this show in 2010, in Richmond. This year, we'll be at Jaxx again, as direct support for their headliner, Aghori. Metal Sanaz will be hosting, and we're looking forward to a good night of kick ass metal! Here's the tour schedule!

As always, thanks for sticking around with us! We hope you're enjoying Metal Renaissance, and we look forward to bombarding your ears again, soon!