Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Workin' hard!

Well, this blog has been dead for a while, so it's time for a little update!

We updated the news on our website, but there hasn't been a lot of insight as to what's been going on with the band's innards for a while. Currently, we're working on getting that $%&*ing album out for you folks, which isn't as easy as it looks! Everything is recorded, mastered, and ready to go.. but the art work is still being completed, so once that's done, BAM! PRINT! CUT! DONE! And the album will be in your hot little hands.

Meanwhile, we've already begun working on a layout for album numero dos! While Nina still wants to name it "The Dragon Album", the name is up in the air. We've already recorded 1 song at another studio, and we may be sticking with it for the 2nd album. We really enjoyed the amount of control that digitally recording offered, despite how much we love the old-school sound of analog sound. We've got 3 more songs nearly finished, as far as writing and arranging goes, so get ready for something stronger, harder, faster, more intense. It's gonna be a good ride!

In 2011 we're going to be doing a little less gigging, a little more recording. Our first year together, we played out a lot, which was fun, but gave us little room to write. This year will be different, so while you might be seeing less of us on the road, you'll be seeing more of us in the studio. Our live show will only improve, and we're looking forward to improving our staging and performance in front of our beautiful fans! We've created a new intro for you, we're utilizing keyboards now, and come 2011, we'll have even more surprises in store, so make sure you get ready for some epic performances because our 2nd year together is gonna be nothing but an improvement from the first!

Monday, November 8, 2010

FoTV is a HIT!

Oh man, Flight of the Valkyries East was AMAZING. Seriously amazing! I was so impressed by all of the people who performed, and all of the people who came to support them. It started off a bit slow, but it totally picked up once the sun went down! I was proud to be a part of such a great night.

Here's a list of all the bands who performed. They were magnificent, and you should really give each and every one of them a listen!

Black Widow USA (traditional heavy metal from Baltimore, MD)

Operatika (symphonic power metal from New Jersey, USA)

River Runs Scarlet (melodic metalcore from Pittsburgh, PA)

A Sound of Thunder (traditional metal with power metal influences from Washington, DC)

[geist] (j-rock and death metal blended in Baltimore, MD)

Suhgarim (heavy metal with soul from Columbia, SC)

Dying Design
(industrial gothic metal from Baltimore, MD)

Cassandra Syndrome (gothic symphonic metal from Frederick, MD)

Monday, August 30, 2010

We did what now??

Woo! Welcome, Thunder-ites, to another exciting edition of the ASoT blog! I am your host, the Duchess of Dork, and I'm here to tell you about yesterday.

Well, we drove to Richmond. It took us 3 hours (thanks, I95...), we were cramped and cranky, and once we go there, it was hot. SO VERY HOT. Alley Katz is a great venue, but I'm not sure if they have A/C. And here I am, all prettied-up in all of my black! Oy, metal heads ain't the smartest sometimes, when it comes to dressing.. well, maybe D-Rock from Not-Liable, is. He goes shirtless. Maybe I should try that?? Wait wait, no...

Anyway, we built Chris' massive monster of a drum kit outside the building, waited for our turn, went on and ROCKED THE UNIVERSE. It was awesome! Had a great show and met a lot of awesome people. After we went on, the Thunder gathered behind the club to help Chris (AKA watch Chris) disassemble his mighty drum beast. As we labored, a dude walked up to us from Project Independant. Turns out they were grading us! We did not know this. Well.. the Thunder scored a near perfect! 29/30 points, can you believe it!? Well, we lost that one point because of a major oversite on my part... Our freaking t-shirts aren't available for sale online!! My bad, y'all. Seriously. My bad.

Still, it was a great score! Apparently, nobody else on the tour made it past 25, which made us a top contender for... what exactly? Oh, we found out, an endorsement with Peavey Amps! HOLY CRAP! PEAVEY! The same Amps used by Dragonforce, Lamb of God, Blue Oyster Cult, and other assorted artists ranking high in the "awesome" category.

So, your Duchess did what was asked, and we're currently awaiting a new page to be added to Peavey's website where we, and other high-ranked Project Independant artists, will be featured! AMAZING! I'm floored. I'd like to thank all you Thunder-ites for making it happen, 'cuz without you, we'd be lonely and uninspired.

WOO X10,000,000!!!

Check out Peavey amps here!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

FoTV Benefit Show!

Join us at Chapala's for an AMAZING metal show on Saturday, October 23 to benefit the upcoming Flight of the Valkyries female fronted metal festival! This show is being put on to help the FotV festival generate further interest here on the east coast, more funding for the upcoming FotV mini-fest in Baltimore this coming November 6.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Gigs and bass..

Well, looks like it's official. Ben will no longer be playing bass for A Sound of Thunder. While we're unclear on the details, we're gonna be moving forward, because damn it.. we have way too many gigs to back out now! So we're currently conditioning our new bass player, as well as working with a fill-in bass, just in case. So no worries! We're still gonna be rocking loud for the next few months, while we continue recording our album. No word yet on whether Ben will record the bass lines for any more songs, but we'll keep you updated!

Here's the newest songs in A Sound of Thunder's repertoire..

The Beast Within (arranged and ready to go!)
Of Wood and Steel (still being arranged; will be ready this week!)

Hope you're all ready to feel some THUNDER at our next gig!!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Okay, new website is live (finally), thanks to some down-time, and a lot of coffee. You can now check us out at , and we promise to try really really really hard to keep it up to date.

This week is busy for the Thunder...

Tomorrow night we've got practice, followed by a gig in Alexandria, VA on Friday night at O'Shaughnesseys Pub with Division and Cab Ride Home. Saturday, Nina's off to a photo shoot, followed by a mixing session. We'll be mixing the first 4 songs of our new album on Saturday, Sunday, and Mondey, over at Mixed Bitch Studios. The name of the album is currently being debated, but you can bet your sweet ass it's going to be awesome.

'till next time!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

This week, for the Thunder..

It's gonna be a busy few days! Ben and Josh are in the studio tonight, Wednesday 23rd 2010, working on bass lines for the upcoming album. Thursday (tomorrow) night, we've got rehearsal, and then a gig on Friday night!

Anyone who'd like a chance to check out A Sound of Thunder and Not-Liable, come on out to Asylum in DC! It's Metro accessible, and I hear they make a great veggie burger.

Show starts and 9:30, bring $5 to get in and have an awesome time!!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Fat Tuesdays!

Well, we've snagged another gig! On July 10th, we'll be playing at Fat Tuesdays in Fairfax VA. One of the biggest reasons we took this gig is because we'll be playing with the band Crimes of Paris, where Chris Willet plays bass. Chris Willet also played bass on our EP CD.

It's only $5 to get in, so I encourage anyone in the area to come if you're in the mood for some rock n' metal. Fat Tuesdays is pretty famous, as far as watering holes go, so at the very least you're in for some good drinks! (But we'll be amazing, don't worry. ;) )

Click here to visit Fat Tuesday's MySpace page

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

New Gig!

July 16th, we're playing with DIVISION at O'Shaughnessys in Alexandria. Area folks and out of towners will have two chances to see us on that week; on Wednesday, July 14, we'll be at Club Soda.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Vocals, tonight!

Tonight, the Thunder is recording vocals at Inner Ear Studios in Alexandria, VA. Not sure how many tracks we'll be able to get through, but we should have at least two songs down. Five songs already have drums, rhythm guitar, and bass recording. Album is looking like it will have up to eight songs.

We're getting there, guys!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Go forth and vote!

Valuable Thunder-ites, please do us a huge favor and vote for us so that we can open for KISS in VA Beach. We know you're out there in droves, and we need those numbers. Go forth, Thunder-ites! Vote, and we shall not forget your loyalty and aid! Our cause is a noble one; one of metal and POWER. Bring forth the Thunder!

And type in your zip code to register. :D

Click here to vote!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Welcome, Thunder-ites! This is the new blog for your Sound of Thunder. We'll be posting all sorts of updates for the most thunderous band on the East Coast right here, so I'll start with this here list..

- Update on our show at Asylum on June 25th; Infliction is no longer on the bill, so you can expect a longer set from both A Sound of Thunder and Not-Liable.

- We've booked a show at O'Shaughnessey's Pub on June 19th! If you're in Alexandria, show up for some metal and good times!

- Currently working on the album that is due for release THIS FALL (if we can keep up the hard work!), and Nina is going in for vocals this Friday! If all goes according to plan, vocals for 5 out of the 8 planned songs will be done by June 11th. We'll get some studio photos for ya so you can see we're not slacking off!

- Last but not least, we're working with the righteous Bobby Jeans for this year's Flight of the Valkyries! If you've never heard of the US's premier female-fronted metal band festival, head on over to their MySpace page for updates.

Thats it for now, stay tuned for more updates, and keep them horns high!

-- The Thunder