Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Workin' hard!

Well, this blog has been dead for a while, so it's time for a little update!

We updated the news on our website, but there hasn't been a lot of insight as to what's been going on with the band's innards for a while. Currently, we're working on getting that $%&*ing album out for you folks, which isn't as easy as it looks! Everything is recorded, mastered, and ready to go.. but the art work is still being completed, so once that's done, BAM! PRINT! CUT! DONE! And the album will be in your hot little hands.

Meanwhile, we've already begun working on a layout for album numero dos! While Nina still wants to name it "The Dragon Album", the name is up in the air. We've already recorded 1 song at another studio, and we may be sticking with it for the 2nd album. We really enjoyed the amount of control that digitally recording offered, despite how much we love the old-school sound of analog sound. We've got 3 more songs nearly finished, as far as writing and arranging goes, so get ready for something stronger, harder, faster, more intense. It's gonna be a good ride!

In 2011 we're going to be doing a little less gigging, a little more recording. Our first year together, we played out a lot, which was fun, but gave us little room to write. This year will be different, so while you might be seeing less of us on the road, you'll be seeing more of us in the studio. Our live show will only improve, and we're looking forward to improving our staging and performance in front of our beautiful fans! We've created a new intro for you, we're utilizing keyboards now, and come 2011, we'll have even more surprises in store, so make sure you get ready for some epic performances because our 2nd year together is gonna be nothing but an improvement from the first!

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