Friday, August 6, 2010

Gigs and bass..

Well, looks like it's official. Ben will no longer be playing bass for A Sound of Thunder. While we're unclear on the details, we're gonna be moving forward, because damn it.. we have way too many gigs to back out now! So we're currently conditioning our new bass player, as well as working with a fill-in bass, just in case. So no worries! We're still gonna be rocking loud for the next few months, while we continue recording our album. No word yet on whether Ben will record the bass lines for any more songs, but we'll keep you updated!

Here's the newest songs in A Sound of Thunder's repertoire..

The Beast Within (arranged and ready to go!)
Of Wood and Steel (still being arranged; will be ready this week!)

Hope you're all ready to feel some THUNDER at our next gig!!

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