Monday, August 30, 2010

We did what now??

Woo! Welcome, Thunder-ites, to another exciting edition of the ASoT blog! I am your host, the Duchess of Dork, and I'm here to tell you about yesterday.

Well, we drove to Richmond. It took us 3 hours (thanks, I95...), we were cramped and cranky, and once we go there, it was hot. SO VERY HOT. Alley Katz is a great venue, but I'm not sure if they have A/C. And here I am, all prettied-up in all of my black! Oy, metal heads ain't the smartest sometimes, when it comes to dressing.. well, maybe D-Rock from Not-Liable, is. He goes shirtless. Maybe I should try that?? Wait wait, no...

Anyway, we built Chris' massive monster of a drum kit outside the building, waited for our turn, went on and ROCKED THE UNIVERSE. It was awesome! Had a great show and met a lot of awesome people. After we went on, the Thunder gathered behind the club to help Chris (AKA watch Chris) disassemble his mighty drum beast. As we labored, a dude walked up to us from Project Independant. Turns out they were grading us! We did not know this. Well.. the Thunder scored a near perfect! 29/30 points, can you believe it!? Well, we lost that one point because of a major oversite on my part... Our freaking t-shirts aren't available for sale online!! My bad, y'all. Seriously. My bad.

Still, it was a great score! Apparently, nobody else on the tour made it past 25, which made us a top contender for... what exactly? Oh, we found out, an endorsement with Peavey Amps! HOLY CRAP! PEAVEY! The same Amps used by Dragonforce, Lamb of God, Blue Oyster Cult, and other assorted artists ranking high in the "awesome" category.

So, your Duchess did what was asked, and we're currently awaiting a new page to be added to Peavey's website where we, and other high-ranked Project Independant artists, will be featured! AMAZING! I'm floored. I'd like to thank all you Thunder-ites for making it happen, 'cuz without you, we'd be lonely and uninspired.

WOO X10,000,000!!!

Check out Peavey amps here!

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