Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Welcome, Thunder-ites! This is the new blog for your Sound of Thunder. We'll be posting all sorts of updates for the most thunderous band on the East Coast right here, so I'll start with this here list..

- Update on our show at Asylum on June 25th; Infliction is no longer on the bill, so you can expect a longer set from both A Sound of Thunder and Not-Liable.

- We've booked a show at O'Shaughnessey's Pub on June 19th! If you're in Alexandria, show up for some metal and good times!

- Currently working on the album that is due for release THIS FALL (if we can keep up the hard work!), and Nina is going in for vocals this Friday! If all goes according to plan, vocals for 5 out of the 8 planned songs will be done by June 11th. We'll get some studio photos for ya so you can see we're not slacking off!

- Last but not least, we're working with the righteous Bobby Jeans for this year's Flight of the Valkyries! If you've never heard of the US's premier female-fronted metal band festival, head on over to their MySpace page for updates.

Thats it for now, stay tuned for more updates, and keep them horns high!

-- The Thunder

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