Monday, April 1, 2013

A Sound of Thunder Reveals New Album and Direction

A Sound of Thunder, known to date for an eclectic brand of traditional metal, shocked fans today by announcing that the band's third album TIME'S ARROW has been indefinitely shelved.

According to frontwoman Nina Osegueda, the band has finished recording a new album entitled ADAM'S BANANA showcasing the band's new gothic, symphonic and operatic direction.  Although the reasons for the change in direction have not been fully disclosed, Osegueda hinted at a deep artistic shift: "My soul is an endless well of pain, sorrow, yearning, and love.  Also this shit sells."

A new visual style is also evident in the cover of ADAM'S BANANA, also released today.  "We want people to know that this isn't just about me," said Osegueda, referring to the prominent presence of guitarist John Swartz, drummer Chris, and bassist on the album cover.  "I'm really proud to have those people on my cover with me."

But despite the more sorrowful and delicate approach, fans can still expect a cutting edge sound and top production value on ADAM'S BANANA.  "I'm really excited about the drums on this album," said drummer Chris Haren.  "I can't wait to hear them.  I've been told they used some killer samples."

ADAM'S BANANA tracklisting:

1 - Of Tears and Feelings
2- Dream of Me (Midnight Dew)
3- Mourning Shame
4- Hard Linen (Laundry Day)
5- The Pouting
6- Sweeping to Nowhere
7- Hard as Gold
8- Breathless (Corset of Steel)
9- Lilly White (Into the Niche)

ADAM'S BANANA is releasing June 4 (North America) and June 3 (worldwide) on White Corset Records.  The album will be available in a standard CD edition, limited two disc edition with bonus disc featuring 6 songs that sound just like the others, and a limited collectors' 12" vinyl release featuring tear-colored vinyl in a lace sleeve.

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