Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Kickstarter Campaign Ahead!

And now for a serious note from the band: We've had an amazing launch and reaction to OUT OF THE DARKNESS and it's all thanks to you! We made an investment and put in the effort to bring the production upto top-quality modern standards with this album, and you have approved! THANK YOU! We will continue to tour and promote OUT OF THE DARKNESS this year, but we can't rest creatively and as many of you know... we have already started recording the next album!

We're working with producer Kevin "131" Gutierrez at Assembly Line Studios again, and promise you the same top-quality production with what we believe is even stronger material. Yesterday, Jesse completed his first bass session. We have now completed drums on 6 songs, rhythm guitar on 4 songs, and bass on 3 songs. As previously announced we've lined up a guest vocal by ex-Iron Maiden vocalist Blaze Bayley in a duet with Nina! We've also got at least one other exciting top-secret guest appearance locked in! We've started to pour the foundation for a great album, but we've got a lot of studio work left to do!

Even with all this great momentum, we've got to put work on the album on hold while we try to raise funds. OUT OF THE DARKNESS cost approximately $20,000 to produce, and the new album will cost the same. We haven't gotten our first sales report from Nightmare Records yet, and even though we know OUT OF THE DARKNESS sold well, in this age of illegal downloading we know that record sales won't even cover 50% of the production cost. We've had incredible support from Nightmare Records, but A SOUND OF THUNDER remains self-financed by the band members, and to be frank, there is a chance we won't be able to complete recording the new album without your help. Therefore, we're announcing that we'll be starting a Kickstarter campaign in the next few days. We won't be asking for charity, though. Every package will offer something of value, ranging from a simple pre-order of the CD (due early spring 2013), limited items offered only to our Kickstarter supporters, all the way up to opportunities to perform on the album, perform live with the band, appear in our music videos, and other once-in-a-lifetime fan experiences!

Keep watching this space for a link to our Kickstarter campaign...check out all the cool items and experiences that are available, and spread the word! With your support we'll make this album and take on the world together!

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